Redhead Momentum helps organizations across the globe solve big problems and reach new goals. When Leadership and Talent Development meet real business needs, the possibilities are unlimited.

What's stopping you?

When you’re doing business “the new way” and running toward benchmarks no one ever has, clearing the blockers in your path isn’t always easy. But if you want to make a dent in the universe, you need a company that feels like it runs itself (and to be able to fall back into your own arms). I help people grow forward into that exact place. Every day. And I’m proud of it.



1. Craft
The Vision.

Step back from your day-to-day and determine where you’re headed, what your priorities are, and what can be accomplished to reach your goals.


2. Test New Possibilities.

We’ll work in tandem to create and execute the structure, tools, and who-when-how’s of reaching your goals, working to pinpoint exactly what will create the traction you need.


3. Take It.
Run With It.

You’ll have what you need to show up and create big things on your terms, while feeling less stressed and more equipped than ever to take on what’s next.

Your Partner Along The Way

Hi, I’m Jolene Clark—Minnesotan by birth, Coloradan by choice. My work is people. I’m fascinated by the way we act, react, and interact. Connection fuels me. Downhill skiing and back-country hiking keep me balanced. I founded Redhead Momentum because I’m on a mission to impact the successful growth of leaders and teams around the world.

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2,020 Leaders Empowered By 2020

It’s an ambitious goal...but aren’t those the ones worth pursuing? It’s also one I won’t accomplish alone. I work with the best experts and solutions around to facilitate the strategy, create the structure, and cultivate the support that Fortune 25, startup, and small to midsize companies need to realize their visions and get things done.

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“As a leadership consultant, Jolene’s ability to make training fun, yet very productive, is what makes her one of the most effective teachers I've had the opportunity to work under.” —  Brandyn Dykstra, Deluxe Corp

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