While Redhead Momentum is fueled by a redhead, everything in moderation is key.
We welcome hair colors of all kinds on our team.


FemCity ® Denver

Jolene leads the Denver chapter of this international women's entrepreneur organization. Joined by a talented and inspiring board of business owners, this group makes a place for positivity for women in business in Denver.



Harrelson Momentum

Started as a Kickstarter project, it met our funding goal in just 28 hours. See for yourself why Momentum is so addictive! Can you break the 20-minute spin time record? 

Momentum is hand-powered with the single pull of a string. More than the world's longest spinning 38 gram top, this is a completely new way to experience Newton's Laws of Motion by accelerating from zero to 15,000 rpm in less than one second!

Monica Jovans

Purpose moves people.

It's greater than just Corporate Social Responsibility.


Adrienne Fischer

Hiker. Dog mom. Rock climber. An all around outdoorsy lady. That's where you'll find her on Instagram. You'll also find her in the courtroom. By day, a small business employment attorney. By night, a sushi and sake lover.  In between, legal counsel to Redhead Momentum.


Kate Maller Jewelry

Honored to be a 'face' of Kate Maller and her stunning, custom works of art: her jewelry collections. Created and made in Denver. Sold and worn around the world.