Areas of Expertise, Passion, Interest & Experience


  • Building and sustaining high-performing teams
  • Decision velocity (make better decisions faster!)
  • Values-based leadership; company culture
  • Emotional Intelligence (certified facilitator through I.H.H.P.)
  • Positive Psychology
  • Strengths-based work (certified Strengthsfinder and StandOut facilitator)
  • InsideOut G.R.O.W. Coaching (certified facilitator & coach)
  • Drexler Sibbett Team Performance Model (certified facilitator & coach)
    * includes graphic facilitation of meetings and events including strategic planning (see workshop designer & facilitator below for delivery possibilities)
  • Being an only child; being a redhead; cooking, downhill skiing, driving others crazy ringing her bear bell incessantly in the mountains while back country hiking {note - she is still alive in and intact!}

Workshop Designer & Facilitator

  • half-day, full day, or multi-day
  • virtual or in-person
  • blended {a customized combo just for you with options of the above}
  • creating an experience that will have your participants 'think, feel and do {I can produce & manage the event too!}

Talent Development Consultant & Coach

  • hiring {people and process}
  • admiring {high-potential development & succession planning}
  • rewiring {performance management}
  • applicable to all levels of leadership and a variety of group sizes
    {team coaching, small group coaching, one-on-one coaching}