Team Building

The Best People. In The Right Places.

Your business exists for one reason: to solve a big problem. High turnover, low engagement, burnout, and your employees not feeling as valuable as you believe they are all get in the way of that.

You need a flexible team that can turn your vision into a growing business, but as you’ve probably experienced, tearing down barriers between locations and departments, ensuring teams spend time in the right areas, and building a workplace that people line up to work at is easier said than done.


Happier, More Productive Teams

Your team can grow and work better together. You can create an environment where your staff and employees feel connected and excited to come to work each day. With the right frameworks, perspective, and shared expectations, you can sustain and hire a team while lowering your costs and improving productivity—the kind of team where one person at the table suggests “We’ll need another meeting to figure this out” and someone a few chairs away says “Great idea. I’ll lead it!”

Let’s Create What’s Possible

Team building can take many forms. Depending on your company’s goals (and whether you’re at a Fortune 25, startup, or small to midsize business) it might mean developing your current talent, reorganizing your teams, reimagining how you hire, or bringing on new hands.

Whatever your need, we’ll follow proven, effective models to uncover and establish your team’s operating discipline, so that you can finally understand one another's strengths. You’ll have the solid information to create teams that aren’t rocked by change and that can drive your efficiency and growth.

“Jolene helped us on more than one occasion to set up team building and training sessions for project managers. I enjoyed her creativity and expertise in planning exercises that were meaningful and yet fun to do. We look forward to working with Jolene again!” Bob Eckert, Deluxe Corp

Start The Conversation

What’s the landscape of your current team? Do you have what you need to most effectively manage it? Are you clear on why each person on your team is there? What does your team define as its mission?

We can get to those answers and more by way of annual goal setting sessions, video consultations, or a series of in-person talks—your course will be self-determined, and the solutions we create will be built to last.