Leadership Development

Let’s face it: A lot of people are good at what they do, but they aren’t natural-born leaders. You might have these people on your team right now, or you might be experiencing this situation personally. Stretched thin, leaders in this place likely feel disconnected from the mission
and that they just don’t want to do the work anymore.


Leaders Worth Following

When old school management practices and what worked before aren’t enough to resolve, quality issues,  overspending, flat revenue, and everything else that’s going wrong, you have to find new ways to harness potential—be it your own, or the full potential of your people.

Developing Your Greatest Asset

To take advantage of new market opportunities your organization needs leaders who grow with it, and if you’re a leader yourself, it’s crucial that you feel confident in how you lead (and that you’re truly innovating).

Leadership development or coaching taps into those qualities and puts them to work. It overcomes thoughts of “Am I good enough?” and makes it possible to trust yourself again. Best of all, the process helps leaders of all kinds define a clear path so that they can execute well and fast.

The Support You Need

Whether you’re a high-performing contributor looking to take the next (or first) step in your leadership career at a Fortune 25 or startup company, OR a small to midsize business looking to ensure you have the leadership you need in order to move faster, I can help you weigh all the intangible and somewhat ambiguous factors at your feet.

Prepare to dive deep and bypass surface-level questions you’ve been asked before. I help leaders shape their own individual vision of powerful leadership and reconnect their actions with the values and missions of their organizations. Across functions. On a day-by-day basis. For the long term.

“Jolene's passion for leadership development helped our team exceed customer expectations on every occasion. Having the opportunity to work with her was filled with thoughtful, innovative and compassionate conversations. A true partner!” Kris O’Brien, United Healthcare Group

Discovery Is The First Step

Our work together can take many forms. Monthly group coaching, 1-on-1 coaching, workshops and retreats, a mindful leader series—virtual, in-person, a blend of both—we’ll figure out what feels right together. You’ll have the strategy, structure and support you need to grow and support the overall health of your team and company.

How does your company define successful leadership?