Organizational Development


Grow Without The Pain

Ironing out issues such as uncertainty in your people, programs that don’t foster engagement, compensation strategies that are killing your bottom line, or misaligned culture can feel impossible. When all hands meetings don’t generate consistently successful actions, and try as you might, it doesn’t seem like your resources can keep up with your growth, you might find yourself awake at night wondering “Are we really doing the right things?”

Whether you're transforming your market or just looking to scale, you'll need to get everyone on the same page, and frankly, doing all the things you’ve been led to think you’re “supposed” to do won’t get you there.

Solve The Right Problems

The truth is that as talented as you are, you and your team are too close to your vision. You’re likely blind to the issues holding you back from being effectively tactical. There is even a chance you’ve been focusing on comfortable details while overlooking the tough stuff.

But with the right support, your company can be a place where everything from the most immediate details to the big picture fuel change. Where each person knows what they should be doing and why and has even helped to create it OR has even had a voice in it. A frictionless environment where people stay focused on work that matters and produce great results together.

Run At Full Speed

What if your team could spend their days working at the right speed, on the right things? How would it feel to stop spinning your wheels and start making progress on the projects that most aligned with your mission?

Having worked with Fortune 25, startups, and small to midsize companies, I understand what it takes to unleash value and help teams focus on the right work and do your best work—rather than spinning your wheels on clean-up and repair. I can help your team develop a strategy, structure, and support that removes roadblocks and leads you toward your best performance.

“Enthusiastic and reliable! Jolene was wonderful to work with on the executive board of our Toastmasters Club. Her work had a direct impact on the increase of membership and member involvement in our club. Jolene was quick to catch on to Toastmasters and has been an inspiration to new members in our club. Jolene would be a valuable asset to any team.”

Rob Morrow, Toastmasters in Denver


Own The Outcome

My services are designed to be flexible and empowering; this isn’t about letting someone else speak for your business. I’ll work as as an extension of your team—either 1-on-1, with a leader, or with a group if it’s appropriate, in-person or virtually depending on your situation—to help you arrive at solutions the have a meaningful impact on your business.

We’re talking about the kind of strategic planning and productive annual/quarterly goal mapping sessions you’ve always pictured yourself having. Together we’ll chart out the actions, plans, processes, and programs that will help your team achieve things that haven’t been done before.