Jolene has a unique ability to create trust with every person she encounters, which enables her to quickly get to the heart of underlying issues/challenges. In her work with Mindful Health, she provided one-on-one and group coaching to our leadership and management teams.  Through her coaching, our team has established more productive communication, and skills to support their roles as leaders.

— Craig Collins, Mindful Health
    {A Danette May company}


“Jolene is an amazing facilitator. She has the ability to captivate an audience while providing meaningful information that anyone in business can use daily. She is thoughtful, organized, and helps people recognize and reach their full potential. I highly recommend her for leadership development, event planning, and as a coach.”

—  Adrienne Fischer, Summit Law Solutions


"Curious, Passionate, Smart, Strategic, Collaborative. If you are ready to move your business or your career forward, and have a lot of fun doing it, Jolene is your gal.”  

—  Amy Jacobson, UnitedHealth Group


"Jolene is thoughtful and pragmatic in all aspects of her life; whether it be deciding what is the best place for dinner; whiteboarding; making a decision tree; leading someone through a life altering decision. She does this all while maintaining a positive approach; there are no failures but rather a lesson learned and a new road to travel."

— Jessica Hidding, Senior Release Manager, Connexions Loyalty



“Those who will have the pleasure of working on team building with Jolene Clark now or in the future, consider your work life charmed! She has the unique combination of being a visionary and able to see detail through to execution.”

—  Kirsten Toso, UnitedHealth Group


“Enthusiastic and reliable! Jolene was wonderful to work with on the executive board of our Toastmasters Club. Her work had a direct impact on the increase of membership and member involvement in our club. Jolene was quick to catch on to Toastmasters and has been an inspiration to new members in our club. Jolene would be a valuable asset to any team.”

Rob Morrow, Toastmasters in Denver


“As a leadership consultant, Jolene’s ability to make training fun, yet very productive, is what makes her one of the most effective teachers I've had the opportunity to work under.”

—  Brandyn Dykstra, Deluxe Corp


“Jolene has been one of my mentors that I will continue to look up to during my career. If you are looking for an intelligent, genuine, professional and trustworthy career coach to inspire you Jolene comes with my highest recommendation.”

—  Colleen O’Neill, Denver client


“Jolene is willing to go the extra mile to help make every communication and leadership training session a success.”

—  Garth Anderson, Deluxe Corp.